Illumination is an an 8 week shadow work coaching container created specifically to guide you through the transformation of your pain into purpose and access deeper levels of love, acceptance, and the expression of your unique gifts in the world.










I am so excited to finally launch this offer for you all as if I have spent my whole life creating it!

Although shadow work it can sound a bit intimidating, it is really all about joy, pleasure, freedom, and authentic expression. 

Shadow work is the process of reclaiming fractured, lost, or unworthy parts of ourselves. The shadow is driven and perpetuated by separation so it seeks to keep us from our deepest desires! Unknowingly to us, this wrecks so much havoc in our lives causing us to live out lives we don’t actually find fulfilling.  

It is in reconnecting to theses lost parts that we truly become whole again. These repressed aspects never are fully “lost”, just pushed so far down due to old beliefs about what it means to be lovable.The trickiest part about the shadow is that what we once exiled can be difficult to see.

That’s why this work within community is so profound! You don’t  have to figure it all out alone. Join us!


  • 6 weeks of educational learning taught live by Adrian
  • 2 weeks of personalized coaching at the end to support your specific integration needs
  • Foundational understanding of shadow work through the lens of neuroanatomy
  • Learn various Nervous system regulation techniques that support in processing 
  • Receive support in breaking patterns & old stories that no longer serve you
  • Learn how to reconnect when you feel disconnected 
  • Gain your personal power back through boundaries 
  • Release repressed emotions stored in your body 
  • Claim your most authentic self!

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into the modules

Weeks 1-6

I will first walk you through some basics around shadow work involving Neuroanatomy and the characters that live within each of our brains. This will help you identify the voice of your shadow as well as soothe the shadow when it becomes overactive.

Then we will move into deeper layers of the nervous system to claim repressed emotions and stories still playing out.

During our 4th week we will enter an Integration phase through setting proper boundaries with our patterns & our environments and allow the body to release what it no longer needs to hold onto. 


Weeks 7 + 8

As all this new awareness begins to settle in, you will naturally begin to change the way you relate to the world around you. What used to cause pain or avoidance has decreased and more space for joy and adventure opens up.

Here is where we bring true Alchemy home within ourselves. These calls are to receive 1:1 coaching from Adrian to support your specific needs as well as be witnessed by others on a silimar path as you transform into the next version of yourself.


this container is
perfect for you if...

You are willing to do the deep inner work to claim freedom and authenticity 

You are interested in learning more about your own shadow expressions

You struggle to hold boundaries with others or yourself

You struggle to feel in the drivers seat in your own life

You feel challenged by your thoughts or emotions

You want to learn how to reconnect after a you go through a trauma response 

You are stuck in patterns or stories that sabotage your desires in life



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