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Join us in this virtual container for community, personal breakthroughs, live group coaching calls, pop up sessions, early access to in person events, and more.




What is the Awaken The Medicine Community?

what's included?

weekly live coaching calls with Adrian

These calls are meant to support your self healing & awakening journey. In these she shares with full transparency about her lifestyle, relationships, and support on how to navigate your life to match your deepest desires.

virtual pop-up workshops

Adrian brings in expert guests on topics sure to expand your mind and introduce you to the possibilities of a life in harmony with yourself, others, and all of the untapped potentials of consciousness.

early access to in person events

1 day events, retreats, summits, private festivals. These events have always sold out and are the heart of how Adrian nourishes her community with novel experiences that offer a unique spin each time.

abundant resources

Ever growing resources for your nervous system, healing.your body, deepening intimacy, uncovering your gifts, turning your pain into purpose,  cultivating fulfillment within tribe, and stepping into the most authentic and confident version of yourself.

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meet Adrian

Adrian Ellison is a modern day Medicine Woman with a gift of bridging language between what we see with what we feel inside of unique community containers where radical healing can take place.

She is the Founder of Awaken the Medicine which encourages individuals to take their physical and mental healing into their own hands with the support of an embodied team of mentors.

Her purpose is to guide you through new levels of awareness around the uniquely unconscious parts of yourselves so you can claim the fullness of who you are. 

Having healed her mind and body of chronic illness, her passion for teaching alternative methods of healing and activate the intuitive healer within us all happens right here in this container!


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